Selling Your Home – What’s The Next Step?

You’re happy with your valuation and you want to get on the market. Find out how we do things.

Getting your property ready

So, you’re happy with your market appraisal and you’d like to put your house on the market with us?


Our team will book an appointment to visit your property to take details of the property, take photos, and measurements, draw a floor plan, and film the video tour.

We’ll also do a bit of extra work to obtain as much information to help us sell your property as possible.

Once back at the office, we’ll put everything together and ready for your property’s marketing campaign.

This usually takes a couple of days, and we’ll send you what we’ve done for your approval along with a copy of the selling contract for you to sign.

Once everything’s signed, we’re good to go with getting your property out there!

With all systems go, we’ll send your property out to our advance mailing list of buyers. Next we showcase your property on two of the major, national property portals, but also post a mix of regular, timed updates through multiple social media channels.

All in all, we feel we have a marketing strategy to rival or even surpass even the biggest chain estate agents in our area – all with the aim of getting your property seen, viewed, and sold.

Viewings and Offers

When the enquiries start coming in, we’ll book your viewings for you. All viewings are accompanied by our friendly, knowledgeable staff who will guide buyers around your home highlighting the features of the property, and answer any questions the viewers may have about aspects of the house itself or the local area.

After viewings, we’ll be in touch with any comments, questions, or feedback from the viewings, and follow up with the viewers a couple of days after the appointment.

We pass all offers received to you. If there is a certain threshold below what you’re willing to accept, you can let us know, and we’ll decline those offers on your behalf.

From sale agreed to completion

Once you’ve agreed an offer, we gather the necessary information from your buyers to compile the Memorandum of Sale for the solicitors.

If there is any interest in your property after you have agreed an offer, we’re still legally obliged to pass all offers onto you. However, we will also retain details of any interested parties to contact should the sale fall through.

On average, the conveyancing process can take 8-12, weeks, however, additional factors could make this longer.

The sale is now largely in the hands of solicitors at this point, but we will chase up sales progress, make sure that mortgage valuations and surveys have been booked in, find out if enquiries have been answered, and check the progression of the chain if necessary.

The sales of a property can be a nerve-wracking time and we want to be there for you every step of the way.

As the agents selling your property, it’s our job to ensure things go as smoothly as possible, and if not – sort it out.

This is where we we excel. We’ve helped save sales from the brink of collapse, and have even had other agents’ clients contacting us to see if we could help!

We’ll even figure out a way for your buyer to collect their keys if the property completes out of office hours.